so yeah I also got my photo op today and his waist comes up to my boobs jfc


If there is a small set of rules everyone in any fandom, anywhere, should no about, it is this:

  1. Respect the actors’ private lives and their rights to be with their family and go into public spaces without being mobbed.
  2. Understand the actor is not the character
  3. Sometimes the ship isn’t canon and you will have to accept that. (Do not bring it up to the actors unless they ask, and even then be polite about it.)
  4. Do not
  5. Do not
  6. Do not try and show the actors fanfiction.

[September 27] Edmonton Comic Expo Q&A Panel http://mads-mikkelsen.net/2014/09/28/september-27-edmonton-comic-expo-qa-panel/

I have added high quality photos of Mads at the Edmonton Comic Expo Q&A Panel yesterday.

I am so happy for hannibaalecter you have no idea. She deserves it more than anyone <3

[x]  Mads ran over to the screen cause he had to see the photo and started laughing!”


A while ago I was asked by someone to get an answer to the question of whether or not Mads enjoyed the Beatles, and which song was his favourite.

Here you go!


Edmonton Expo Day 2: Mads signing my friend’s Flaunt magazine :’D

(I don’t think he recalled that photoshoot at all)


Mads ending his Panel at the Edmonton EXPO. The only decent photos I was able to snap of him


Mads Mikkelsen at the Edmonton Expo - Sept 27, 2014.


also he was wearing nike sneakers and dress socks apparently

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